Your hair will always speak ‘Chique’ when styled by our team of creative hair care professionals!

Let Studio Chique execute your desired look — or design a signature look just for you!  From silkened blow-outs to hair extensions, and natural hair care to precision cuts or custom color, our dynamic stylists will ensure that your hair articulates what it should speak! Give yourself the gift of Chique.

The Basics—and More
Regular (shampoo, wrap & curl, blow-out & flat iron)
Regular (natural/transition)
Wrap and Wave
Regular with Sew-in
$60 & up
Shampoo, Round-brush
$45 & up
Silkening Press (for naturals ony)
$60 & up
Service with Shears
$20 & up
Hair Cut
$35 & up
Precision Cut
$55 & up
Men’s Haircut (includes shampoo/conditioning)
$40 & up
Specialty Styling
Wand Curls
$85 & up
Flexi-Rods, Twist-Set, Up-Do’s
$60 & up
– On Natural Hair
$65 & up
LOC Maintenance – with Hair Added
$75 & up
– with Style
$85 & up
Ponytails – with Hair Added
$75 & up
For Our Curly Girls
DevaCut, includes Transformation Styling
A dry, no-tension cutting technique using the natural fall of your curls and head form to build lasting shape and style. This customized service reveals the true beauty and essence of all curl types. Designed specifically for those who desire to wear their hair curly at all times. Benefits include: 2-3 yearly trims; super easy maintenance w/ required home care packages; eliminates dryness as an option; reveals true beauty of curls. This service includes your DevaCurl Transformation.
DevaTransformation (no cut)
For those intending to leave the salon with your natural curls cleansed, conditioned and enhanced! Utilizing a customized combination of intensely hydrating botanical cleansers and styling products your natural curls will become conditioned coils bouncing and behaving as they should!! Maintenance packages are required to maintain the look achieved during this service.
Curl Detox
Gentle, yet effective removal of build up and damage done by silicone and other harsh product use. REQUIRED for all treatment services. Eliminate blockage to moisture retention while offering proper balance.
Curl Detox & Moisture Mask
Combines the curl detox pre-cleansing restorative treatment with a botanical bath of our most nourishing, strengthening treatments layered on every strand. This custom treatment leaves ALL curl types shiny, silky soft and entirely transformed.
Hair Therapy, Chemical Treatments, Color
Hair Therapy Treatments
Formulated to enrich, enhance and rejuvenate weakened hair due to chemical or element-related stress.
Immediate Remedy Protein Shot
$25 & up
Restores weakened hair To health due to chemical stress
Scalp Treatment
$15 & up
Remedies scalp issues with balance of medication and hydrating properties
Chemical Straightening
Touch-Up Relaxer (Roots Only)
$85 & up
Partial Touch-Up
$15 & up
Full Relaxer (On Virgin Hair)
$125 & up
Brazilian Keratin Treatment
$350 & up
Keratin Smoother (no formaldehyde)
$250 & Up
$35 & up
$45 & up
$80 & up
Non-Ammonia Permanent
$90 & up
Men's Full Head Color
$50 & up
Custom Colored Extensions – per bundle/single process
$50 & up
$115 & up
Partial / Angular Highlights (lifting extra)
$70 & up
Balayage / Ombre – Our MOST POPULAR!
$90 & up
Lifting (per lift)
$65 & up
Phlex-lift (per lift)
$90 & up
Strengthening lift using Olaplex/ColorPhlex®
Lift & Tone (using semi-permanent tone)
$110 & up
Lift & Single Tone
$145 & up
Lift & Double Tone
$215 & up
Lift & Triple Tone
$265 & up
Block or Bang Coloring
$55 & up
Corrective coloring cost determined at consultation
Hair Extensions & Installation
Ask About Our Premium Virgin Hair for Sale!
– Prices shown do not include hair –
Full Sew-In with Leave Out
$250 & up
Full Sew-In without Leave Out
$275 & up
Full Sew-In with Closure
$300 & up
Full Frontal Install
$350 & up
NOTE: Prices shown include installation of up to 3 bundles (hair not included). Add'l bundles are + $25 each.
Partial Sew-In
$185 & up
Micro-Links Half / Whole
$450 / $900 & up
Sew-In Removal
$30 & up
Removal costs will increase on individual basis if more than usual time/effort is required.
Priced Per Weft Sewn
$30 Per Track
Custom Hairpiece (Wig-Making)
Hairpiece Installation
$180 & up
Policy Reminder:
Please abide by our Studio Policy to ensure our intended Studio Chique experience!
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