Your hair will always speak ‘Chique’ when 
styled by our team of creative hair care professionals!

Let the Salon at Studio Chique achieve your desired look — or design a signature style just for you!
From silkened blow outs to hair extensions, and natural hair care to precision cuts or custom
color, our dynamic stylists will ensure that your hair articulates what it should speak!

Give Yourself the Gift of Chique.


Service Cost
Blow-Out/Mold & Flat Iron $55 +
Extension Styling $65 +
“Chique” Silk Press (for naturals only) $65 +
Round-Brush Blow-Out $45 +

Service with Shears

Service Cost
Trim $20 +
Hair Cuts $45 +
Precision Cuts $65 +
Men’s Haircut (includes shampoo/conditioning) $45 +

Specialty Styling

Service Cost
Flexi-Rods, Twist-Set, Up-Do’s $70 +
Wand Curls $85 +
LOC Maintenance, Ponytails – with Hair Added $80 +


Each of our permanent color services includes a luxury treatment package to ensure the proper balance is maintained long beyond your salon visit. With intensive protein and hydration therapy to immensely improve the hair’s elasticity you’ll find your hair in better health after our color application than before!

Service Cost
Glaze (semi-color) $40 +
Demi-Permanent $50 +
Single Process Color $85 +
Double Process Color* $170 +
Men’s Full Head Color* $55 +
Lift & Tone w/ Glaze $120 +
Angular Highlights (4-6 foils lift extra) $65 +
Highlights (full head / partial) $225+ / $135+
Balayage / Ombré (incl. lift / no lift) $155 + / $95 +

*Corrective coloring cost determined at consultation

Service   Cost
DevaCut, includes Basic Wash-n-Go Styling
A dry, no-tension cutting technique using the natural fall of your curls and head form to build lasting shape and style. This customized service reveals the true beauty and essence of all curl types. Designed specifically for those who desire to wear their hair curly at all times. Benefits include: 2-3 yearly trims; super easy maintenance w/ required home care packages; eliminates dryness as an option; reveals true beauty of curls. This service includes a basic wash-n-go service.
For those intending to leave the salon with your natural curls cleansed, conditioned and enhanced! A combination of intensely hydrating botanical cleansers and styling products applied to enhance your natural curl are used for this basic service.  Twist outs not included in this service.
Moisture Mask
A restorative treatment with a botanical bath of our most nourishing, strengthening treatments layered on every strand. This custom treatment leaves ALL curl types shiny, silky soft and transformed.

Our salon exclusive restorative treatments are formulated to enrich, enhance and rejuvenate weakened hair due to chemical or element-related stress. The results are guaranteed!!

Service Cost
Protein/Hydration Masque
Intensive moisturizing and protein elements deposited deeply into the hair’s cortex to fully restore pH balance offset by chemical application. GREAT for color treated hair.
$25 +
Protein Shot
Restores weakened hair to health due to chemical stress. Visible, tangible results after just ONE treatment. Lasts 6 weeks
Scalp Treatment
Remedies scalp issues with balance of medication and hydrating properties
Anti-Thinning System
DHT blocking cleansing system proven to STOP thinning cycles due to genetic and other forms of hair loss.
Must be maintained. Regrowth home care systems available for your ongoing use.

The Ultimate Growth Boosting Restorative Treatment                $99

Includes Low Light Laser Therapy (see our Hair Loss page)

This multi-therapeutic system will significantly repair impaired scalp cell damage while stimulating the follicle to push healthy hair out! It will add fullness, immense strength and vitality to the hair while the laser’s photosynthesis technology will activate cell production and accelerate growth in EACH SESSION!! If you’re serious about getting fuller, longer hair this is the treatment for you.  For best results, do this weekly for 6-12 weeks. 

Laser Therapy (LLLT)            $55 per session

On its own the power of our FDA approved laser has been proven to halt hair loss and accelerate growth on 100% of its subjects! Add a 25 minute session to your day and get the results that no pill or “magic” creams can offer.

Chemical Straightening

Touch-Up Relaxer (Roots Only) $90  +
Full Relaxer (On Virgin Hair) $130 +
Brazilian Keratin Treatment $350 +
Keratin Smoother (no formaldehyde) $275 +
Keratin Express $125 +

The highly skilled team of hair extensions expert deliver applications ideal for ALL hair types. Look no further…add that pop of glam you’ve always wanted with any one of our undetectable, natural looking techniques.

We offer the highest quality virgin hair in luxury hair extensions. Prices shown do NOT include the cost of hair.

Traditional Extensions Applications-ideal for super curly, coarse hair types.

Service Cost
Full Sew-In with Leave Out  $260 +
Full Sew-In with Closure  $310 +
Full Frontal Install  $360 +
Partial Sew-In  $195 +
Basic Unit installation  $185 +
Customized Unit Installation  $230 +
Removal costs are separate and will increase on an individual basis if more than usual time/effort is required.  
Ask about our custom or lace units.


Hair Extensions are every girl’s best friend! Whether you’d like to add length for fullness or color dimension our experts deliver the best results in the Washington DC metropolitan area.

Studio Chique employs a team of extensions specialists certified and experienced in diverse multicultural hair textures. The techniques offered here are ideal for those with fine to medium density hair. We only offer true 100% Remy hair of the highest quality. All hair must be ordered at Studio Chique unless otherwise coordinated in advance.

Schedule a consultation to determine the best installation method for you.

“Metowi Method” Micro-Links……….$550
(The healthier way to do extensions!) We offer #MetowiMethod microlinks  which offer a unique pain-free, braidless and versatile installation allowing your scalp the freedom to be properly treated/cleansed (unlike traditional sew ins). Coined by the innovator herself @metowi (on IG) this method has gained its momentum due to all it offers.  High ponytails (#ponytailtest) are achieved with this application. Ideal for fine to medium hair densities only. See our Metowi Method certified stylist today!
4 week maintenance/move up (required)…..$175 

This application is referred to as a single strand technique. A different type of microlink, I-tip Extensions made of several hair strands joined at the tip are securely applied to the hairline using tiny micro links, or micro rings. This look is EXTREMELY natural and allows for high buns and ponytails, unlike a few of the other installation types. Very popular technique!
4-week maintenance (required)…..$500

Keratin Fusion……….$1,100
Keratin fusion is a heated strand by strand technique where hand-rolled keratin tip extensions are fused to hair in small sections using a special heating tool. The level of heat used to apply these extensions equals that of any styling tool. For re-applications, the bond is broken, hair removed, and a new installation follows. Lasts up to 4 months with proper maintenance.

4-6 week maintenance required….$650

Hand-tied Weft……….$800
Hand-tied wefting aka “Habit Hand-tied wefts”,  requires that a bridge be created along the hairline, allowing for the secure attachment of hand-tying, as opposed to machine wefted, extensions. This unique and meticulous technique, using beads to secure the hair, gives the hair a fuller, longer, waterfall effect along the natural hairline, mimicking its natural fall.

4-6 week maintenance……….$450

Beaded weft……….$550
With a special attachment tool silicone beads are used to gather small sections of hair to which machine wefted extensions are attached.
4-week maintenance (required)…..$125

Tape-ins (full head)……….$300
(Styling and cutting/blending NOT included.) Tape-in extensions are the latest hair extensions trend on the market. One-inch tape wefts are “taped in” onto your hairline in a brick layering technique, sandwich style application. This allows for a very flat feel. It takes the least time to install of all install methods and is great for those wanting to get the feel of extensions without the commitment.
4-week maintenance (required)…..$200

The techniques offered here are ideal for those with fine to medium density

Studio Chique Rx offers customized Cranial Hair Prosthesis in a variety of textures, colors and styling options ideal for the patient who has suffered hair loss as a result of medical conditions or treatments.  If you are experiencing hair loss due to alopecia areata, alopecia totalis, trichotillomania, chemotherapy, female pattern balding/thinning or any other clinical disease or treatment then our prosthesis are for you. We use a combination of fabrics and compounds used to create a natural feel with natural hair growth patterns. Further, the materials used for our medical hair replacement is specially treated with compounds that stimulate hair growth, prevent scalp irritation, and resist oils and dirt.  

Our team of compassionate professionals understand the trauma associated with any type of hair loss and are here to create a look designed just for you.  In a beautiful, private suite you will receive personalized service where details concerning your customization are captured along with your desired style.  A common issue in selecting the source of your cranial hair prosthesis is that far too many companies offer “coverage” with poor quality and limited styling options.  Our dynamic styling team does the exact opposite!! We customize each look for YOUR personality and are able to glam up your medical hair prosthesis with dimensional highlights, precision cutting and much more.  You will not only feel amazing knowing that you are in the best care, but you will LOOK amazing with the celebrity styles we are equipped to render. 

Studio Chique Rx supplies patients in need with the highest quality as we only offer 100% luxury, virgin or remy hair.  You will never have to question the quality.

Contact your health insurance company to find out if a cranial hair prosthesis wig or medical hair replacement unit qualifies for reimbursement. Most insurance policies cover “prescribed cranial prosthesis” but do not cover wigs. You will need to get a letter and/or prescription from your doctor stating that the procedure is for “prescribed cranial prosthesis”.

Schedule your consultation today.

Consultations $250
Customized Cranial Hair Prosthesis – starting at $800